About First Class Pizza Villa Park

We are ABOUT pizza.
We are ABOUT making sure that our ingredients are the best quality we can buy.
We are ABOUT making our dough on a daily basis.
We are ABOUT preparing our vegetables fresh daily.
We are ABOUT maintaining the most generous portions of ingredients.

“The fresh flavor that makes First Class pizza more mouthwatering than the rest is a killer sweet-and-slightly-spicy tomato sauce.” ~ Orange County Register

We love the look of our freshly made pizza sauce spread on our pizza dough and then covered with freshly shredded mozzarella cheese.

We love the aroma of a fresh, hot pizza coming out of the oven.

We will never be tempted to lower the quality of our pizza to save money. Our families, friends and loyal customers enjoy our pizza. These relationships go back 26 years and we could never do that to them.

Order online or call us at (714) 998-2961.